Introducing The Surf Series / WA’s Notorious ECIPA

Guillotines Mockup Scaled

Punch your ticket to the best part of Western Australia and explore the wonders of this regions iconic and notorious surf breaks known world wide. Best part – doing it through the experience of craft beer!

Our newest Surf Break Series was created through the inspiration we see outside our back yard. Having our brewery based in one of the most visited tourist destinations in Western Australia, it’s commonly known for it’s vineyards and world-class surfing which we wanted to create a series to shed light on these well-known hit spots. This series is created for the love of the South West region enabling others around the globe to experience a bit of paradise we see daily.

Each surf break may seem similar to one another but trust us, they are fully complex with different conditions taking after each of our beers in the series. Our concept with this line up tackles the Hazy IPA East Coast style brew which all revolves around a juicy full tasty beer, hazy and refreshing, with an overall relaxed vibe. The kind of beer you’d grab after a session. Maybe that’s why people always reach for them again and again… and again. 

After months of intensive research and development, trial and error, enough taste tests we couldn’t count, and on-going reformulations to create the most notorious juicy ECIPA loved by our community, we’ve proudly decided to include an ECIPA in our core-range, available all year round from mid-August! Check out our line-up below from our epic Surf Series as we dish out the details on each contestant:

Super Tubes I & II

in collaboration with Cellarbration Carlisle and The Dutch Trading Co


Hops: El Dorado, Mosaic, Citra and Galaxy

Big Oooof on this one! We couldn’t be happier with how this came together after months of in-depth research, trials, oh and taste testers with the boys. Pours like a golden sunset in a glass with the seamless combination of delicate fruitiness and bitter-sweet notes, never forgetting to remind you of it’s inner beast.

This stellar is an easy drinker coming at a respectable 6.5%. Don’t underestimate this Double Dry Hopper. It’s mad mate! You’ll be holding through the ride with its quenching finish that makes it a real struggle to not grab for another.

This champion is brewed in-house by our team working hands-on every step of the way, we’re blessed to share with you this East Coast IPA with a tropical EUPHORIA like no other. Every mouthful be amazed by the combination of fruity hints balanced by the perfect splash of bitterness, leaving you blissfully mesmerized at peak.



Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Rolled oats, Flaked wheat, Caramunich

Whirlpool: Mosaic, Cascade

Hops: Galaxy, Ella, Amarillo

Home to some of the heaviest waves in West Oz… our newest release is inspired by the gnarly, frothy salt monsters living in this region. Get ready for a deep take off and taste what it’s like to cruise this part of the coastline

Introducing Guillotines, known for its ability to pump out consistent waves, just like the taste of this juicy double dry hopped scrapper. Don’t let its light floral and citrus notes throw you off though, common rookie move…holding more power than it looks!

A session at Guillotines isn’t complete without your surf buddies and sharing the first sips of liquid gold. Using a downpour of juicy hops to creating a soft pillowy mouthfeel, it’s succulent nectar passes your lips with a rich combination of orange, mango, and melon. A sip of this and you’ll be caught heavily day dreamin in a cloud of haze with it’s soft pillowy mouthfeel. Strap your board to the roof of your car and hit the waves. Crack it open after take off, knock a couple back, and experience an elation like no other

Obey the golden rule and treat yourself to your new favourite East Coast IPA.

North Point


Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Rolled oats, Flaked wheat, Caramunich T3

Hops: Strata, Citra, Simcoe

Right conditions at play and the Surf King has made his grand entrance. Ever wondered what riding the world’s most powerful electric wave is like?!

Introducing North Point, a Big-wave champ, cruisey and powerful, never phased by competition. Hop hero, Strata, making waves in the brew with its delivery in a balanced body, layers of flavour, and packing the big oomf. Truckloads of aromas leaping off the glass as its juicy, fresh pineapple carves its way across the palate with a smooth pillowy mouthfeel that lasts throughout the entire ride.

We’ve put together a dangerously easy drinker, this time pushing the ABV up another notch with this 7.2% hazy IPA! The malt bill is loaded with Pale, Wheat and Rolled Oats creating a very full and silky body with tropical notes. You’ll taste a super balanced bitterness, juicy on the palate, and pillowy on the finish. Pours a healthy pale orange opaque haze.

Surf a heat, have a sip, and enjoy the action. Inspired by our home on the edge, this fresh froth awaits. Take off deep and explore the breaker of boundaries.


Hazy IPA virtual collaboration with IBA


Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Flaked wheat, Rolled oats, Caramunich Type 3, Lactose

Hops: Citra , Amarillo, Cascade

It’s a beer with a view. Soak up the signature juicy taste of sweet orange citrus and complimentary notes of rock melon and pear ester. A clean finish with some grapefruit peel and firm bitterness will have you cruising through your next couple cans easy.

Using a selection of malts such as Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Flaked Wheat plus London Fog yeast and DDH with new world hops to create that hazy, juicy, weighty, and thick mouthfeel.



Malts: Pale malt, Wheat malt, Rolled oats, Flaked wheat, Carahell

Hops: Samba, El dorado, Cascade

Meet Boneyards… dare to face this thirst crusher? Be aware, only the bravest will come out on top.⁣

Explore the wonders of this notorious surf break with this highly drinkable hazy. Triple dry-hopped with loads of tropical flavours thanks to a heavy hand of hops. Be greeted with luscious sweet aromas of punchy pineapple, mango, melons, and mandarin citrus notes. Coming to a respectable 7% ABV, it’s equal parts exciting and daunting. This is definitely your well-earned beer after a day of hard work or surfing.

Up coming… Three Bears!

May the series continue..!⁣

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