Our Newest Member in the Core Range – Say Hello to Salty Peaches.

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Salty Peaches was originally brewed as a limited release during Covid-19 when things were looking rough, we wanted this release to shed some light onwards to our supportive beer community. After seeing how well the brew was accepted, the challenge arose to perfect a sour that would be consistently loved all-year-around, and the journey of Salty Peaches began.

Read more below on the new future-proof sour on the block, a solid brew with the longevity in flavour and taste in mind,.. It’s the highest-rated Sour Beer in the recent WA Good Food Guide Awards, that you’ll want to line your beer fridges with all-year around and we’ll tell you exactly why.

A Virtual Tasting of Salty Peaches


If you haven’t gotten around to tasting our peach sour yet, our team has put together a virtual tasting just for you!

Pours a vivid orange with mild haze, the first hints you’ll taste are the juicy peach with supporting stonefruit notes and some earthy spice. Followed by light sugary note and some hints of vanilla are in the background with some soft mineral notes.

First to the palate is a nice rounded saltiness followed by a prominent refreshing acidity. The Peach flavour comes right through the mid palate and is fresh and tarty without being overly sweet nor too overbearing, just the right balance. Some sweet malt and a light caramel notes comes through late post sip, bring through a happy ending by finishing dry and clean. The last element in the finish is a gentle saltiness that bookends the experience nicely, and reminds you to start the process all over again with the next sip!

For more information on our Sour please see here. (link to SP direct on store) 

Why Did We Decide to Include This Delicious Sour in our Core Range?


We have always brewed a sour over the summer months as a one-off special for the year, however, we decided we wanted to challenge ourselves to brew an all-year-round sour what would be loved and enjoyed for a good time and a long time. 

The feedback from market was great and our team loved the fact that we use vanilla and lactose to round out the body. Sometimes sours can be quite thin and this isn’t an issue for the real hot days in summer, but ours is an all-year-round sour that has great balance. Salty Peaches is a refreshing brew that won’t weigh you down or let you down.

What is Used in the Brewing Process?


Salty Peaches (4% alc/vol) is brewed with premium malts and hops with additional key ingredients such as Peach puree, Vanilla Bean paste, Lactose, and Seasalt Flakes to complete the brew.

This beer is modeled as a modern fruited Gose, not quite a pastry sour territory, but it certainly benefits from some of the elements that go into those beers. Namely a very mild Vanilla and lactose presence that enhances the overall drinking experience without it being too crazy.

Sea salt flakes were added to provide another dimension and lift all the other flavour aspects. 

Win Your Height in Salty Peaches – Giveaway Details


If you haven’t entered in our epic Salty Peaches competition yet, here’s your chance to WIN your full height in sours. Visit our Social Media Pages for more information on your chance. 


How to Enter: Snap a photo with a pint or can of our Salty Peaches (cans can be picked up at both our venues or at your local bottle shops.) Tag @cheekymonkeybeer in the caption and use #heightincheekymonkey to confirm your entry.
Terms & Conditions:
Western Australian residents only. You are required to be at least 18 years old to enter. Cheeky Monkey Brewery is hosting this contest to win your full height in Salty Peaches. To participate all entries must post an original photo of a Salty Peaches can or a pint from our venue Cheeky Monkey Brewery or Monkey Bar. To confirm the entry the participant must tag @cheekymonkeybeer and #heightincheekymonkey in order to be a valid entry. The selected winner will be required to pick up their grand prize at the Cheeky Monkey Brewery located on Caves Rd. in person to measure their height.

The contest is in no way endorsed, administered, nor sponsored by Instagram. The contest closes at 11:59 PM (GMT+8) on November 30th. The winner will be announced the following Tuesday. Good luck!

We are proud to create this refreshing sour for our craft beer-loving community to grab for Sunday sessions, maybe even Monday sessions, for long afternoons to outdoor gatherings, and even those lunch breaks that calls for a wise decision. Let’s give a salty cheers to that!