Heavy Berries Fruited Sour


It’s no secret that we love a heavily fruited pastry sour, big stout or hugely hopped IPA at Cheeky. We wanted to take all of our learning from our pastry sour series and create a fruited sour that straddles the line of elegant and intense. Something that’s exciting and balanced at the same time, much like our core range beers.

APPEARANCE: Deep and dense burgundy plum, light pink head.

AROMA: Massive fresh raspberry and strawberry character with a background note of Christmas pavlova.

TASTE:  Clean and crisp berries. There’s a great level of acidity, it’s fresh and bright and works with raspberries and strawberries so harmoniously. The blackberries work underneath the bright fruit flavor and provide structure and offer some complexity. The hint of vanilla brings everything together with a subtle strawberries and cream lolly element underneath the refreshing acidity.

MOUTHFEEL: It pours like it’s going to be straight pastry sour, but the acidity, bright fruit character, carefully considered use of vanilla and lack of lactose means this is as refreshing as it gets. Clean and crisp with just a little vanilla chonk. Fucking beautiful.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry and a hint of Vanilla.

STYLE: Fruited Sour.

ABV: 5%



  • 4 Pack
  • 16 Carton

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