Imperial Monk

Imperial Monk - 2021 Autumn Seasonal

Our big & chewy autumn seasonal is back.

Released as a Red Strong Ale and brewed thiccer than a snicker, heavy like a chevy, come on lil’ monk let us rub up on dat belly.

Light toast, heavy caramel and tobacco. After warming in the glass, some notes of liquorice and raisin. Powerful retro-nasal aroma.

Our brewers used a specialty Scottish malt. This gives the Imperial Monk foundation of complexity prior to its intense caramel malt bill. A thick mash and intense caramel malt additions establish an acute, enjoyable caramel complexity.

Intense, immediate covering of the tongue with caramel malt ink. Fullness of flavour and a fullness in texture. Bitterness is high but overshadowed by the huge malt sweetness and profile.

Brewers Notes: This is a thinker’s beer.  It is said that malt is the soul of beer and for the Imperial Monk, this was the focus of our efforts.  In an ocean of high-octane American IPA’s this was our chance to showcase the amazing tools given to us by our Maltsters.  Various malts across the kilning/roasting spectra imparts the Imperial Monk with a multifaceted, layered malt complexity, giving this goblet swilling red goliath its character.

Malts: Scottish Golden Promise, Multiple Caramel Malts, Chocolate wheat
Hops: Arianna, East Kent Goldings, Centennial, Cashmere
Taste: Thiccer than a snicker, multifaceted, layered malt complexity, giving this goblet swilling red goliath its character
ABV: 8.3
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