Mango & Raspberry Sour

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This Mango & Raspberry Sour beer is a continuation of our Pastry Sour Series. 


It sees us load up on over 1200kg of fruit to produce this insanely flavoured Pastry Sour! 

This super sized sour has taken over the brew house and put everyone into a fruit frenzy! This electric laser red beer might have you asking, is this dumb? Or straight up genius? 

Sweet mango and raspberry aromas pack a punch in this sour! MANGO MANGO MANGO will hit your taste bud like nothing ever before, then the tart fresh cut RASPBERRIES expose bright tropical flavours through acidity in pineapple and berries. 

Did someone say THICCCC because this pastry sour takes the cake! Refreshing and bright notes make sipping on this sour like having a second cocktail for dessert! Cheers to this tropical party! 


Hops:Bravo (also what we said after every sip of this Pastry Sour)

Malts; Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Cara Pils, Rolled Oats. 

Style: Pasty Sour 

ABV: 7.0%  

Mango & Raspberry Sour

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