Other Side of the moon HAZY IPA


A beer to celebrate the end of a legend. Nobbsy’s last hazy dog with us and it’s an absolute banger. The rest of the production team have nursed it lovingly through the brewery while Nobbsy galavants in Canada on some much deserved time off.

ABV: 7.5%

Appearance: Pale golden color, medium level of haze with a crisp white head.

Key ingredients: Azacca Cryo and Citra Cryo

Aroma: Big bright orange and grapefruit with clean sweet citrus and light tropical notes. A deep complexity of pure fruit bowl enjoyment.

Taste: Big fresh citrus and orange juice. Some apricot nectar and soft, white peach. Incredibly well balanced, surprisingly so considering the complexity of the aroma. The bitterness is absolutely on point. As we like to do at Cheeky it’s there, this is an IPA not dumb juice after all, but it’s clean and restrained.

Mouthfeel: Medium full to full. A generous use of oats, wheat and flaked wheat combined with a huge hopping rate and a restrained bitterness means this drinks with a soft and rounded body, but never to full to enjoy it.

Brewers Notes: “Doing tasting notes for Otherside of the Moon Hazy, thoroughly enjoying writing them. Going to be a banger” – Brendo
“Yeah, mate. Nobbsy’s last brew… haha that beer cleared us out of hops the bastard!” – Adam Head of Brewing

  • 4 Pack
  • 16 Carton

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