Pastry Stout

Choc-chip Oatmeal Cookie

Welcome to the BAKEHOUSE series! A series of extraordinary pastry stouts and sours.

Introducing; Choc-chip Oatmeal Cookie Pastry Stout.

The perfect winter indulgence…A delicious, smooth as silk, pastry stout that combines everybody’s favourite treats – dessert and beer! This guy is fresh out of the oven (or tank for those that don’t have imaginations) and is loaded with choc chips, a sweet stewed dark raisin mix and vanilla notes. It’s our first offering in our new pastry series, so don’t miss out, it’s going to be here for a good time, not a long time!


Black with deep ruby highlights.  Light mocha head of foam.


The first noticeable trait of the aroma in this beer is its sweetness. Its truly is a desert like experience for the nose.  Milk chocolate, vanilla, sweet cookie dough dominate and actually combine to resemble almost praline like confectionery. There is some subtle spice and raisin fruit notes which work really nicely with the lactose.  The last perception is almost like a dusting of icing sugar.


Sweet stewed dark fruits of raisin, prunes and candied plums followed by chocolate and spiced cola. There is plenty of residual malt sweetness balanced by some dark chocolate bitterness.  The roasted malts and oats come late in the finish and present like burnt sugar and cream.

Malts: Pale, Cararoma, Chocolate, Carafa T3
Hops: Cascade
Taste: Choc-chip Oatmeal Cookie!
ABV: 6.8%
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