Silverback Stout

Winter Seasonal - Russian Imperial Stout

This Russian Imperial Stout was designed to encapsulate the primal anger of the Silverback and bring to light a monster from the darkness…

A colossus of a beer, our Silverback deserves nothing but months of attention and planning. And as our most sought after seasonal, we thought what better way to bring him out than by packaging him in a large format bottle (750ml) and wax dipping.

Heavy roast aided by burnt caramel and toffee. This beer evolves as it warms in the glass. Developing refined notes of tobacco, espresso, liquorice and vanilla.

Intense! Fullness of flavour and a fullness in texture. Immediate covering of the tongue with caramel and dark malts. Bitterness is high but complimentary to the dark malt profile.

Roasted malt are prominent with Silverback’s intense dark malt bill. A thick, black mash with intense caramel and dark malt additions, establish a smooth and enjoyable roasted complexity in amongst a dark, inky, black liquid.

Nobbsy’s Notes 
I find there is a tipping point in Imperial Stout brewing where balance and complexity collapses into tannic, bitter roast and we want the Silverback to balance directly on this precipice.  This is the most aggressive Russian Imperial Stout I have ever designed, and I genuinely hope you enjoy a glass of this black, liquid obsidian.”

Malts: Pale, Multiple Caramel Malts, Carafa, Roasted Barley
Hops: EKG, Cascade
Taste: Aggressive Imperial Stout
ABV: 12%
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