Silverback Stout

Russian Imperial Stout - Winter Seasonal

At CMBCo we welcome the cold winter weather with open arms. It means the Silverback Stout swings back into town. This years batch is packaged into 375ml cans, but don’t let the smaller vessel fool you, the Silverback Russian Imperial Stout is drinking as good as ever. Take the time to sip and savour and experience the way the flavours change as the beer warms up.


Black with dark brown highlights.  Light mocha head of foam.


The first to hit the senses is Milk chocolate.  Its sweet and rounded.  Quickly following on is molasses and Dried fruits (think raisins, dates, sultanas).  Next up is some fruity ester which comes across like overripe pears.

Lastly there is some slight vanilla, some sweet doughiness (like a basic cake batter), and some boozy notes.


The mouthfeel is thick and it coats the palate.  Upfront there is Sweet stewed dark fruits of plums, raisins and dates.  Sweet chocolate comes through next, across the mid palate and intensifies as the beer warms.  Towards the back palate there is some light roasty/coffee notes (more latte than espresso) with a pinch of citrus.  There is some chewy residual malt sweetness balanced by some good healthy bitterness.


Malts: Pale, Marris Otter English, Double Roasted Crystal, Carafa 3, Cararoma, Brown, Rolled Oats
Hops: Bravo, Amarillo
Taste: Big, thick and complex
ABV: 10%
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