Hyperbole #1

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Tequila BA Imperial Stout – Silverback Imperial Stout

We took our AIBA Gold Medal Winning Silverback and aged it in Tequila barrels sourced from Tototlan, Jalisco, Mexico. The barrels contained 100% certified Blue Agave aged for 6-8 months in single use Jack Daniel’s whisky barrels.

The result is a truly stunning. Chocolate and tobacco are balanced out by fresh espresso and barrel char. Tequila comes in late with a sweet, briney and olive note that offers complexity, yet inviting.

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Pumpkin King

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A 12% ABV Imperial Stout base creates the perfect canvas to explore the expression of our house pumpkin ale spice blend

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Silverback Stout 2022

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We shut the brewery down to brew this year’s version. The whole production team got involved, spending over 12 hours to taste test previous vintages, blends of ingredients, and contribute to the recipe and creation.

The end result is our best Silverback ever! It balances the line between complexity and a 12% stout that’s ready to drink now. This year’s format sees a return to 375ml cans. So grab up and grab quick, it won’t last long!

Pitch black, inky and saturated, with a tan, frothy head.

Clean chocolate malt and freshly roasted coffee beans.

Dark chocolate and milk chocolate combine with fresh espresso to produce an Imperial Stout that is far more drinkable than the abv suggests. The mouthfeel is full to very full, the use of rolled triticale has helped to fill out the body and add to a luscious, chocolate thickness.

Hops: Bravo and Cascade

Malts: Pale Malt, Chocolate Malt, Medium Crystal, Rye Malt, Triticale, Carafa Special T1, Roasted Barley

Style – Imperial Stout

ABV – 12%

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West Coast IPA

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A Cheeky West Coast India Pale Ale

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Hazy IPA

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A Cheeky East Coast India Pale Ale

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IIPA: A Cheeky Imperial India Pale Ale

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A Cheeky Extra Pale Ale

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Hazy Pale

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A Cheeky Hazy Pale

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A Cheeky Kolsch Ale

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Orange Venom

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Brewed with the same ingredients and to the same spec that won us the trophy, we invite you to crack a can and join us on this dank, tropical citrus party. After all, it did rank as The Best Modern IPA at the AIBAs, the largest annual international beer awards in The World. And with more than 400 breweries participating, and over 2500 entries submitted, nabbing the top trophy in a category ain’t no small feat!

Forward citrus and tropical fruit. Backed by a light pine and candied fruit. The malt profile is low, giving a soft, pillowy background. The yeast also plays a large role in the layering and complexity of fruit aromas. Ester aromas consisting of peach and passionfruit add to this depth.

Follows the aroma with heavy citrus and tropical fruit (peach, passionfruit) across the palate. There is some light pine notes that follow up nicely. Mouthfeel is thick and heavy on the tongue, balanced out with a lighter bitterness that quickly follows. It’s dense and round, but lifted with fine carbonation.

Hops: Strata + Simcoe

Malts: Pale malt, Munich T1, Wheat malt, Rolled oats, Flaked wheat

Style – Hazy IPA

ABV – 7.5%

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