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Western Australia’s craft beer scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavours and experiences, with each brewery offering its unique twist on brewing excellence.

At the heart of this scene is Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co., a local favourite known for its commitment to exceptional, quality-driven, flavour-packed beers. Located in Margaret River, Cheeky Monkey prides itself on creating serious beers with a dash of fun, perfect for enjoying with mates and having a good laugh.

Another gem in the local brewery landscape is Black Brewing Co., situated on Caves Road in Wilyabrup, Margaret River. This brewery is known for its generous, bold, and wild-at-heart approach. Inspired by the region, the Indian Ocean, and Western Australia’s incredible produce and people, Black Brewing Co. continuously develops new brews and offers a unique tasting experience at its brewery and restaurant.

Wild Hop Brewing Co. in Yallingup, part of the Margaret River Region, celebrates the area’s richness with over 200 wineries and nearly 20 breweries. This brewery is part of the South West Brewers Alliance, a collaborative forum to support and strengthen the industry.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co. combines a brewery, restaurant, and vineyard in a family-owned setting. Located on a 73-year-old working farm in Eagle Bay, Western Australia, they offer fresh batches of beer, wines, and delicious food. They also have a loyalty programme, the Good Times Gang, to give back to their community [30].

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co., situated on a farm in Busselton, takes sustainability seriously. They aim to be Australia’s first Certified Sustainable Brewery with a commitment to Net Zero emissions from the brewing process by 2025. This family-owned, independent brewery focuses on what’s best for their staff, brewery, and the planet.

Shelter Brewing Co. in Busselton offers a unique brewing experience that celebrates the ‘Busso’ area, known for its calm blue waters, white sand beaches, and the famous jetty. They provide a range of beers and seasonal menus, perfect for beach days.

Cowaramup Brewing Company, a family-owned microbrewery in a picturesque rural setting in the Margaret River region, offers quality handcrafted ales, lagers, and local wines. The brewery’s name comes from the Aboriginal word Cowara, meaning purple crowned lorikeet, featured on their logo.

Continuing our exploration of Western Australia’s thriving craft beer scene, CBCo Brewing stands out as a brewery that has been delighting beer enthusiasts since 2004. Starting as a micro-brewery in Margaret River, CBCo Brewing has grown into one of Australia’s largest independent breweries. Their philosophy revolves around crafting beers that resonate with the Australian palate, celebrating the country’s unique tastes, weather, and culture.

The journey through Western Australia’s local breweries would be incomplete without mentioning Beerfarm. Established in 2015 in Metricup, Beerfarm is set on a former dairy farm, now transformed into a brewery and tavern. This brewery prides itself on its diverse range of beers suited for all occasions, from easy-going lagers to complex IPAs and sours, many featuring rescued fruits to support Aussie farmers. Beerfarm’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their practices, like running solar panels across their brewery’s rooftops and implementing a thorough wastewater plan. They also engage in initiatives like ‘Save the Harvest’ to support local farmers and reduce food waste, and the ‘Native Series’, collaborating with Fervor to educate Australians about native ingredients and support indigenous farming.

Rounding out our tour of Western Australia’s local breweries is the Margaret River Brewhouse, situated near the banks of the Margaret River in the town’s centre. This brewery has become a beloved part of the community, formed by its incredible staff and loyal customers. The Brewhouse is known for its welcoming atmosphere, great value produce that supports local growers and suppliers, and delicious, cold beer tapped straight from the brewery. Their commitment to the community is evident in their participation in fundraisers, donations, and support for local suppliers and producers. The Brewhouse exemplifies the spirit of being part of a community by experiencing the ups and downs together.

Each of these local breweries in Western Australia has its own unique story and approach to brewing, yet they all share a common thread of community, innovation, and a commitment to quality and sustainability. From Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.’s flavour explosions to Beerfarm’s sustainable practices and community initiatives, these breweries are not just about crafting excellent beers but also about creating experiences and giving back to their communities. They represent the best of what local breweries in Western Australia have to offer, making them must-visit destinations for anyone passionate about craft beer.

In summary, Western Australia’s craft beer scene is a diverse and vibrant world, with each brewery bringing its unique flair and commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. From Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.’s flavour-packed beers to Beerfarm’s sustainability initiatives and Margaret River Brewhouse’s community focus, these breweries are more than just beer producers; they are integral parts of their local communities and key players in the craft beer experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring these breweries offers a taste of the best that Western Australian craft beer has to offer.

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