Maintaining the Cheeky Spirit through COVID / April Update

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We’ve always heard the tales of our Monkey ancestors, the heritage and legendary stories of our biggest challenges conquered and celebrated the wins or consolidating each other with the L’s – both always with a cheers. The Cheeky Monkey Brewery has always been a central core in bringing our friends, family, backyard neighbors and local community together to celebrate the rounded motions of life.

In these strange times we see ourselves in with COVID hitting like a whirlwind, it is a challenge as a local craft brewery treading the waters of uncertainty as well as it is on all of us as individuals and as a collective.

We as a team at Cheeky’s have learnt so much about this experience so far and have grown strong as ever, adapted to the circumstances, and always striving to push forward with the vision of bringing one another together through extraordinary craft beer.

This pandemic is a testament which we’ll all overcome by sticking together and maintaining each other’s sanity (even if it means digitally!) and to remain cheeky as ever through these semi-dark times. It’s healthy to have a laugh even when it hits hard you know!!


Though our venue is closed for now to protect the safety of everyone, the Cheeky Monkey community will live on. We have found new innovative and creative ways to keep delivering on beers.

Our brew team has mastered social distancing, taking hygiene to another level and operating the mechanics and science of our beer recipes to the absolute tee! We’ve taken extra precautions by equipping each brewer with their own sanitizer spray bottle, hosting all our meetings with social distancing measures, and sharing the work-load where we can to minimize pressure on staff during these crazy times. Mental health during this pandemic is becoming more prevalent so ensuring all staff is taken care of mentally is one of our top priorities.

Our Monkey Bar has transformed into the raddest Bottle-O Drive-Thru operating Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, contactless payment readily available. Pop by for a chat or stay in your car and we’ll gladly directly load the goods into the boot without you having to lift a finger, like magic.


Our online deliveries are rolling out and we’ve been working hard to ensure it is convenient, accessible, and safe for our local and wider community to have access to our beers.

We have adapted to providing a contactless delivery drop off straight to your doorsteps as well as offering you all with free shipping just to lessen the weight off your shoulders. You’ve supported us since the beginning so it’s time for us to give back! 

Both our core range and limited editions are available for purchase. All you have to do is place an order online and wait patiently on the couch for your Cheeky beer delivery – too easy.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for live updates on what styles we have in or out of stock.


We have released a new Session ale aimed to spread the message of #DONTDRINKALONE. The hashtag says it all. Being naturally social monkeys we are, these times are challenging as we self isolate at home. Our mission for this non-for-profit brew is to spread the message on mental awareness, cultivating the feeling of oneness, and to keep cracking open those cold ones with mates because that should never stop… not ever! We hope through this initiative to support you through everything going on with advice, assistance and to help you remember that you aren’t alone amidst the craziness.

Let’s cop it to the chin as the legends we are and find the positivity through this crisis. We see this as a time more than ever to bring each other together, to share, to listen, to help, to care, to be there and to have a drink altogether – even if that means via Zoom haha!!

Find out more about #DONTDRINKALONE here and have a peek over at our mate’s Crafty Pint on spreading the message on #KeepingLocalAlive.


We will continue to keep you up to date on social media as changes are made daily in such unpredictable times. These rough waters will only be temporarily and we’re already gearing up to having you all back home at our bases, when the doors unlock and our team welcomes you back – you bet we’ll be making it grand the cheeky way.

Your ongoing support during these tricky times are forever humbling and we will continue to keep you guys updated as best as we can!  Stay safe, knock a fresh one back at home, and see you all very soon.